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Why Compression Socks?

Graduated compression improves your wellbeing by promoting healthy blood circulation in your legs.

Compression Socks

12-14 mmHg Graduated
Socks for your healthy lifestyle

Compression Sock diagram showing improved blood flow

Prolonged Sitting & Standing

  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Helps prevent blood from pooling in foot
  • Aids in reducing swelling
Providing benefits for sitting, hospitality, and medical fields

Active & Exercise

  • Aids in faster muscle recovery
  • Helps reduce fatigue
Providing benefits for being active and yoga

Wellbeing & Lifestyle

  • Minimizes varicose and spider veins by increasing circulation
  • Provides extra support
Providing benefits while travelling and/or while pregnant

Comfortable Design

  • Ultra soft microfiber blend
  • Comfortable heel and toe pockets
  • Non-binding welt top
Providing unique comfort