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Softspots Rylee | Black | $89.95 $69.99 Final Sale promotion terms


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Sleek and ultra-versatile, our Rylee mary jane features supple, high-quality leathers and an adjustable strap for your perfect fit

Review by: Rogee , Ocean Shores, WA , 12/15/2020

Overall rating: starstarstarstarstar

I felt this product's fit was Half size smaller

I felt this product's width was Narrow Fit

WOW what a super great pair of shoes. When I got these by carrier, they were sitting on our table in the house. So I took them out of the box and tried them on. WOW what a great fit, I was walking around the house on our carpet. And all of a sudden somebody run to shut the front gate! So without even thinking what I was wearing on my feet. I immediately run out to close the gate to the road. And in doing so, I had to jump over the small creek that ran through the barnyard. And, wouldn't you know it? I didn't jump right and landed right in the creek full of water. So, when I did my job and got back to the house, I knew these shoes were going to stay on my feet. As I now had them well broken in! And they are comfortable now after 4 months of wear every where I go, as the day they came! I Love these shoes!

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